The StreetBeat Entertainment Group


Our mission is to showcase the talents of the Indie scene to U, the grassroots of the world, thereby allowing U to decide who are the Stars of today and our future.

Our Matra: Lifestyle Media Networks of Today’s Indie Artists

The StreetBeat Entertainment Group was founded in 1994 in Portland, Oregon by Robbe Hardnette, to provide the tools and fundamentals needed for youth and independent artists seeking careers in the music industry.

As awareness grew, SBEG launched a magazine for viewers to engage in new emerging indie talents. The StreetBeat magazine grew out of a handful of followers to an international audience, with viewership reaching as high as 30,000 a week. Thereafter the online radio station was born, and more will follow.

SBEG desires to create opportunities within the entertainment industries for artist distribution and build consumer awareness of the indie artist community. Why indie? The independent entertainment industry is emerging to be one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry, due largely in part to social media. The StreetBeat Entertainment Group is positioned to advance on this growing trend, with a business model that incorporates grass-root identity and corporate systems.

SBEG provides collective experiences from the entertainment industry which gives the indie artists a wealth of information to learn from. With various SBEG systems in place, the foundation is set to be part of the next wave of an industry standard, desperately needed to create sustainability for the industry.

In the fall of 2011, StreetBeat moved its corporate office to Vancouver, BC but still retains satellite offices in Portland Oregon, Houston Texas, and Seattle Washington.

To fully accomplish our goal, we need your support! Spreading the word about The StreetBeat and acting as Ambassadors in sharing our mission and cause. We strive to provide you with quality talents from the indie scene, creating reliable and fair market value, and then you the listener decides, who the future stars of the entertainment industry are rather than marketer and bean counters. So stay connected to The StreetBeat Entertainment Group: Lifestyle Media Network of Today's Indie Artists!

Company leaders:

Robbe Hardnette: CEO

Jaymie Garcia: Vice President

SBEG Collective Biographies

Robbe Hardnette

Robbe Hardnette

Currently : CEO of The StreetBeat Entertainment Group, President of The StreetBeat Entertainment Society, Producer and Director of Club

Education: Klein High School, South Texas College (Business Degree), Burton Tailors (Tailor certificate), Vidal Sassoon Hair (Designer)

Past  Consultant at: Good Call Eatery & Sports Bar, The Portland Observer News Paper, One Stop Record Store, Twisted Locks, The Reserve Night Club, Club Gossip, Phoenix Lounge Good Call Club, Greek Crusine, Clear  Distributorship.

Owned & Operated : Bamboolifestyle, Atelier Hardnette, Ambiance Hair Salon, Uprooted Gospel Hour Radio Show

Coordinated & Directed :  A Fashion Show for Portland Mayor Vera Katz Retirement party, Fund raiser  for The William Temple House, Canadian Cancer Society Fashion Show, Canadian Kidney Foundation, Hair Fair, Stop The Bullying School Concert Tour

Concert Promoter for:   Prince,  Janet Jackson,  Brian Adams, Toni, Tone, Tony, Glasses Malone, Teddy Pendergrass, Tina Turner, Blaze the Stage Pre-finals, Lee Williams, and an assortment of local Plays and Concert for the Indie Artists.

Accomplishments include: Backup Singer in the Group "Ladies Choice" with Marvin Gaye , Mentor of the Year: Portland Impact 2, Board of Director:  Pangaea Project , Board of Director: Minority Youth Concern Action Program, Worked  with Police  Chief Charles Moose in developing Summer Concert Series for Portland Urban areas , Say No To Drugs Concert at The Water Front Park, International Summer Night Market's Summer Night Idol (Richmond International Summer Night Market), VP of Vancouver Multicultural Society, Board Member and co-founders of Columbia Performing Art Society, past board member of Vancouver School Board Anti-Racism.

Awards: Business Giving Alliance, In Good Families Company awards, The Business Journal, Portland & Gresham School District for Business Mentoring & Lecture series, The  Oregonian  Citizen  Award, Portland Impact Mentor of the Year Award, Featured Article in Portland Oregonian News Paper, Featured Article Man of the Year Portland Observer, Feature Artist in World Hair Show.

Jaymie Garcia

Jaymie Garcia

Currently : Coordinator for Club

Past  Experience: Symcor, Royal Bank of Canada

Education: Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School, Vancouver Community College (Data Entry and Operator), Career Development Institute (Computer Applications), Sprott Shaw College (Business Administrative)

Skilled In: Organize events and coordinate volunteers, clerical assistant: organize meetings and appointments, review e-mails and greet clients, perform duties in accounting and banking, administrative department, process legal documentation, banking functions, handle calls regarding lost and stolen credit cards, customer service.


The primary division of The online indie music radio station. Music Without Borders to Inspire the Soul!


Club F.U.C.I.

Club F.U.C.I.

Fun. Unique. Creative. Individual.

Reminiscent of Soul Train & American Bandstand, Club F.U.C.I. is a television show will provide artists from Vancouver and beyond a platform to showcase their talents and help expand consumer’s awareness to all that participate in the show. It will also create vast opportunities for young, young-at-heart performers and others within the entertainment industry to have fun and be discovered.

Club F.U.C.I. airs on SHAW Channel 4, Novus TV, and Club F.U.C.I.'s Youtube page.

Visit Club F.U.C.I.

The StreetBeat Record Lab

The StreeXB IA Studio

The StreetBeat Entertainment Group is proud to have our first of more to come StreeXB Studios. Our Studio will be the home for Club FUCI, KSBI.CA, and The StreetBeat Entertainment Group Branding merchandise such as clothing & health oriented product. We will feature upcoming artists and launch our unique entrepenuer project. We invite you to become a strategic partner to reach our goals.

Visit The StreeXB IA Studio

The StreetBeat U-Network & Services

The StreetBeat U-Network & Services

The U-Network outlines the partnership program the SBEG has with local and major businesses. We also host many services for indie artists and businesses.

Why Join the U-Network?

View Services

Radio Personalities

Bronze Fonze

Bronze Fonze

Bal Dosanj (Bronze Fonz) is an award-winning Photographer. He is highly respected and well-known in the Entertainment Industry, around Vancouver, British Columbia, under both of those names.

As well as Photography, Bronze Fonz is known as a Radio and TV Personality on radio and the Club F.U.C.I. television program.

He works hard to promote and support artists of all genres!

The name, Bronze Fonz, is registered in Canada, as his celebrity trademark..

Marbel Cartel

Marbel Cartel

Marlyne Marrese (Marbal Cartel), a Retired RN, has been a huge fan and supporter of Canadian and British Columbia artists.

She had a radio program "Folk'n Country" on CFBX-FM, in Kamloops, for almost four years before relocating to the Vancouver area. Her program promoted and supported Canadian Artists..

Together, Bronze Fonz and Marbal Cartel, have been supporting the local music scene by attending live music venues every week. These concerts are promoted on their radio show, before and after the shows. They also provide information, on their show, about all the big music festivals happening in British Columbia, every year.

They interview Artists on their radio show and also on Club F.U.C.I. The StreeXB Entertainment Group will be doing monthly concerts at their studio and Bronze Fonz and Marbal Cartel are an integral part of this.


Plain and simple, you need partners to support any cause, movement or ideal, so the people and companies that become sponsors have a similar philosophy to The StreetBeat Entertainment Group because common goals in numbers receive greater and faster result. So, if you can relate and you want your brand, product or service targeted to a niche audience that believes in sustainability, community, independent and an entrepreneur spirit, then The StreetBeat Entertainment Group is your partner to get it done.

Join these amazing partners in becoming sponsors of the SBEG!

The Kidney Foundation of Canada

CDN Kidney Foundation

Since 1964, The Kidney Foundation has helped millions of Canadians suffering from kidney failure and related disorders.

Visit the Kidney Foundation's Site!

Kiwanis Club of New Westminster

Kiwanis Club of New Westminster

Kiwanis is an international organization of people who help change the lives of children around the world.

Visit Kiwanis' Site!



Scotiabank is a leading multinational financial services provider and Canada's most international bank.

Visit Scotiabank's Site!


Your brand or business could be here!

Contact us to get involved with the StreetBeat movement!

Advertising Available for Mini Concert Series

Rate Card

The StreeXB Rate Card


If anything you’ve read, heard or like about what we do, moves your groove then drop us a line and we’re gladly get back in touch with U, until then we wish U Love, Peace and follow the WAY!


Phone: 778.245.4199

Twitter: @TheStreetBeatEG

Facebook: The StreetBeat INT

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StreeXB IA Studio

“StreeXB IA Studio a place for possibilities for todays artists”!

The StreetBeat Entertainment Group is proud to have our first of more to come StreeXB Studios. Our Studio will be the home for Club FUCI, KSBI.CA, and The StreetBeat Entertainment Group Branding merchandise such as clothing & health oriented product. We will feature upcoming artists and launch our unique entrepenuer project. We invite you to become a strategic partner to reach our goals.

Lifestyle network for todays artists


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The StreeXB Rental Rates

A $200 deposit is required to secure a booking. This deposit will also serve as your damage deposit and will be returned to you after the event. Cheques payable to The StreetBeat Entertainment Group or cash are the preferred payment methods.

Rental fees are due 30 days before your event.

If renters are having an evening party, they must shut down their bar and music at midnight and be out of the studio by 1 am.

If renters are having live or recorded music and dancing The StreetBeat Entertainment Group is required to collect music royalty fees on all commercial artist music. These fees will be added to our rental fee.

SOCAN Fees – SOCAN is the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

Live or recorded music with dancing – $62.13

Live or recorded music without dancing – $31.04

Re: Sound Fees – Re: Sound represents recording artists and record companies.

Recorded music with dancing – $27.96

Recorded music without dancing – $13.96

Monday to Thursday Rental Rates

• 9 am – 5 pm $375, Half Days $245 4hr limit

• 6 pm – midnight $500

• 9 am – midnight $700

Friday - Sunday Rental Rates

• 9 am – 5 pm $500

• 6 pm – midnight $650

• 9 am – midnight $800**

Holiday Saturday Rental Rates

• (December) 9 am – midnight $1100**

• New Year’s Eve from 9 am to 1 am rents for $2500.

**These prices include free set up and take down of The StreetBeat Entertainment Group tables and chairs, all other set-ups of The StreetBeat Entertainment Group furniture will be charged a rate of $15/hour. Early entry for evening rentals is $50/hour. Add $150 to the above costs on statutory holidays.

Studio Hourly Rate (dance practice, meetings)

• $45 (max 4 hrs) then goes into 8 hr rate

• $10 hr for use of Kitchen

DJ and catering is available upon request

StreeXB IA Studio Registration & Waiver Forms

Depending on your computer wait for the pdf form to load. Once loaded hover the pdf form for the download and print button at top right corner of the pdf.

Print & fill in forms and drop off to The StreeXB IA Studio
@1355 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E3

Our Location

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StreeXB IA Studio Classes


The STREEXB studios mission is to provide the tools that establishes uniqueness, personality and a quality that showcases the fullness of an artist talents and abilities.

These traits are achieved through performance training, acting and identifying what will make the artist stand out from the rest. A trait that established artist of the past like Michael Jackson, Temptation, Marvin Gaye and other artist at Motown and artist like Bruno Mars, Justin Beiber and Beyonce of Today's artist.

Our Classes

Artist Development


Ballroom Dance

Cuban Salsa Sueltas(Line Dance)

Hip Hop

Kung Fu Conditioning Dance


Other Dance Classes

Dance Class Fees

Introductory Offer

• 2 weeks Unlimited
• New students only $29

10 Class

• expires 6 months from time of purchase $95

20 Class

• expires 6 months from time of purchase $145

1 Year Unlimited Membership

• $950 paid in advance + 1 free entry per month to Breakin Down D Wall concert for a year. 10% off retail purchases

Monthly Unlimited Membership

• 1 year commitment $99 paid monthly with agreement for a year

Monthly Unlimited Membership

• 3 month commitment $140 (In Studio)

Monthly Unlimited Membership

• No commitment $190

Student Discount:

Get 10% off when presenting your student ID at the studio (Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions).

Drop in 12$ for Dance Classes Only

Artist Development & Acting Class Fees

Artist Development and Acting Classes are monthly, Quarterly or yearly commitment only, no drop in schedules

Artist Development

• Monthly Price: $400
• 4 month signup agreement discount: $375 monthly
• Yearly signup: $500 monthly
• Yearly paid in advance: $5,000 ($1,000 discount)


• Monthly Price: $400
• 4 month signup agreement discount: $375 monthly
• Yearly signup: $500 monthly
• Yearly paid in advance: $5,000 ($1,000 discount)


• Monthly Memberships activate on the date of first class attended (not date of Buy).
• Memberships are not transferable or refundable.
• Prices do not include tax.

No refunds

3 month commitment members get an additional 10% of clothing items and workshops (Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions).

Meet our StreeXB IA Studio Instructors

Robbe Hardnette

Robbe Hardnette
Robbe has been in the music industry for over 30 yrs. He began his journey singing & directing choir With his own teenage bands he had the opportunity career in the Baptist church singing in the choir in Houston Tx. As a teenager Robbe was influence by artist like Billy Preston, Little Richard, Archie Bell & The Drells and Johnny Nash who regularly played and hung out in Houston music scene. With a number of bands that he acted as front man he’d be the opener for many acts in Houston. His experience in the music industries includes backup singer with Marvin Gaye, concert promoter featuring many of the industry top artist, artist development, vocal and performance coach(James Kinney XFactor, Unlisted Reality, The Rivera’s, Rigel Realina CLUB FUCI/Ellen DeGeneres & more)

Robbe has developed Artist performance techniques from the foundation of tried and tested Iconic performer like James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Michael Jackson that helps defines & shapes the difference in an artist or speakers performance. If you are searching for techniques that gives you the competitive edge then this class is a must to add into your skill set.

Join Robbe's Artist Development Class

Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Blu Mankuma

Blu Mankuma
A native of Seattle, Washington, Mankuma made Vancouver his home during the turbulent years of the Vietnam war. This unique actor with an easy grace on film despite his commanding six foot, 230 lb. girth, Mankuma quickly established a following among producers and directors, building an impressive resume of film, television and theatre credits, becoming one of Canada’s busiest actors.

Blu Mankuma is also an avid musician, singer, songwriter and stage actor, who has also provided voiceovers for radio and appeared in numerous television commercials. He and his family, including sons Rene and Cusee, and as of this publication resides in Vancouver.

Join Blu's Acting Class

Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Artist Development & Acting Class Schedule

Artist Development Class Every Saturday

Instructor: Robbe Hardnette
Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Acting Class Every Saturday

Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Instructor: Blu Mankuma

Still accepting new students

Rigel Realina

Rigel Realina
Rigel Realina dedicates his time to performing in the Vancouver Community, continually being involved in charitable organizations such as Make-a-wish, and the kidney foundation. With a humble appreciation to all who believed in him, Rigel is currently a host with the Club F.U.C.I. one of the most Hottest TV Shows seen on Shaw Channel 4 and Novus TV Rigel started dancing at the Age of 3 and continue to dance up to this day with him attending regular Dance workshops, he was able to enhance his talent to teaching young kids ages 5 to teens as a hip hop dancer for the past 5 years.

Rigel has won several award winning accolades with his dance group. Rigel was also seen on National Television on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He was the first pick to dance along with Carlena Britch, one of the famous Dance Choreographer in the Hip hop and R&B, known as the actress for Justin Bieber's Believe 2013 , and Camp Rock 2 also on final Jam and more.

Rigel will continue to inspire and empower youth and give awareness to young people by using his talent and sharing it to others. He is now a full time student in JIBC Studying Law Enforcement, with a part time job and a Host for Club FUCI he will continue to teach dancing and mentor and inspire other youth.

He has studied with his mentor Robbe Hardenette for 3 yrs learning about the various aspects of entertainment industry.

Join Rigel's Hip Hop Class

Level: Advance Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Level: The KC's group Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Galina Fung

Galina Fung
Galina has been dancing since the age of 4 where she trained at La Riva Dance Studio... Galina skills include hip-hop, Hawaiian and a wide variety of ballroom dances from instructor Ms. Elaine Carson. She has won many dance awards with her dance group and has competed in Peak invitational, World of Dance. In 2013 Galina was awarded Miss Talent in the FABC pageant, where she showcased her talent in dance.

She has coached the junior and senior dance team at her secondary school for the past 3 years and spends most of her time after school teaching the dance teams. Galina has been a hip hop choreographer for younger kids for 5 years now. In 2008 Galina took singing lessons from Mr. Roy Oquendo and Mr. Kikz De Leon and has participated in many of their events. In 2010 she took piano lessons from Ms. Imelda Gaborno and guitar lessons from the Rufus Guitar Company. Galina spends a lot of her time volunteering for Club F.U.C.I as she enjoys what Club F.U.C.I has to offer for her. She has contributed to the community by performing for many local events since she started dancing.

Galina continues to give back to the community by sharing her skills and experiences with others. She spreads her love and passion for dance to the community at every opportunity that presents itself.

Join Galina's Hip Hop Class

Level: Advance
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm

Izabelle Realina

Izabelle Realina
Izabella started dancing at the age of 5 years old at the La Riva Dance studio. She also took voice lesson at the age of 5 with Roy Oquendo and with Kikz De Leon. She participated in many charitable events such as make a wish foundation and fundraising events to raise money for the abandoned kids in the Philippines. She also won several dance competion in Peak invitational along with her dance group.

Izabelle is a committed young lady who dedicates her spare time volunteering and assisting with dance teaching ages 5 to 12 years of age. Her passion with the entertainment industry has lead her to also volunteering as a camera and videographer in the Club F.U.C.I./ Shaw and now slowly gaining confidence to being a co-host for the show.

Izabelle's personality appears shy but her dedication and passion for music & entertainment shows her strength her greatest talent.

Join Izabelle's Hip Hop Class

Level: Advance
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm

Joshua Tsong

Joshua Tsong
Josh has loved to dance, even before he put on his first pair of Tap shoes, at the age of 3. He studied and competed in Tap and Jazz under the tutelage of Sarah Moore, Michelle Brownlee, Danielle Gardner (SYTYCD Season 3), and Morri-Lynn Murray (Aer-Elite).

At 8, Josh took Hip Hop and Breaking with Joffer Mercado. The moves and music opened up a whole new world of dance. During his teen years, Josh furthered his Hip Hop and Breaking with Jheric Hizon and members his professional dance crew N.O.N. (Now Or Never). Last year, Josh returned to Tap and had the privilege to dance, compete and represent Canada at the Dance World Cup with Aer-Elite Studios.

Josh loves to share his joy and art of dance with other children. He knows that all children can learn to dance. He has spent the last couple of years as an assistant with Morri-Lynn in her dance therapy class with teens and children with Autism.

Join Joshua's Hip Hop Class

Level: Freshman
Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Hip Hop Class Schedule

Every Saturday

Instructor: Joshua Tsong
Level: Freshman
Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Instructor: Galina Fung & Hope
Level: Beginner
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm

Instructor: Rigel Realina
Level: Advance
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Instructor: Rigel Realina
Level: The KC's group
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Still accepting new students

Ralson Caoc

Ralson Caoc
Hi, I'm Ralson Caoc AKA "RaullyRAL". I have enjoyed dancing ever since I can remember, but not through any formal training, mainly urban styles in the clubs and freestyling to the sounds of Hip-hop and R&B. Whatever gets you to forget about your troubles or worries and makes you wanna move. I'm known as the "big guy that can move" from what I hear, because it's not about the moves or looking good it's about the feeling. Life is the journey, dance is the experiment.

I'm from New York City and I moved to Vancouver in 2011 looking for active things to do. As a student and huge fan of Hip-Hop/R&B, dancehall, and latin music, I discovered Zumba® as an alternative to working out in gyms/group fitness and to compliment my Hip-hop classes. I am also certified in Fierce FUNk®. I have more of that fun groovin' style you would get from a party, street or a club so check out one of my classes. Remember, we are ALL dancers.

Feel the music and your body will follow...and the calories will burn.

Join Ralson's Zumba Class

Age: Adults
Time: 6:15pm - 7:15pm

Mayu Nomura

Mayu Nomura
Mayu Nomura is a BCRPA certified Group Fitness Instructor, a PiYo® Live Instructor, & a Hyper ZUMBA® Instructor who has a strong Passion & Enthusiasm to help people getting in shape while having lots of fun! She is certified as a BCRPA group fitness instructor as well. Currently teaches ZUMBA®, ZUMBA® Kids & Kids Jr., PiYo Live®, Cardio Kickbox, Stepfit regularly at the various municipal recreation centres.

She is a full-time technical kitchen cabinet designer for the multi-family projects and plays in the recreational soccer league. As a wife and a mother of 2 teenage boys & a cat it makes her life extremely busy but her passion keeps her going!

A incomparable instructor with SUPER HIGH ENERGY that is often described as “ENERGIZER BUNNY”.

Join Mayu's Zumba Class

Age: Adults
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Zumba Class Schedule

Every Wednesday & Thursday

Instructor: Ralson Caoc
Age: Adults
Time: 6:15pm - 7:15pm

Every Friday

Instructor: Mayu Nomura
Age: Adults
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Still accepting new students

StreeXB IA Studio Calendar

Upcoming Events

Mini Concert Series "Breaking Down D Walls"

The STREEXB Concert Series is The StreeBeat Entertainment Group’s commitment to bringing awareness to the independent music and entertainment scene. In our endeavor to accomplish this goal we promise to showcase some of the best emerging talent throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

We will feature all musical genre’s that inspire the soul. We will also seek out other forms of entertainment such as poetry, comedy, dance, lectures, plays, movie debuts and more to be at the epic center for artist discovery.

We ask for your support by frequenting the Concert Series and spreading the word about The STREEXB studio “A Place Of Possibilities For Today’s Artists”. Our concert series is title Breaking Down D Walls.

Why? Because it is our goal to encourage social awareness and cultural diversity’s.

Mini Concert Series

Video & Picture Features

Zumba & Hip Hop Classes

Breaking Down D Walls

Zumba with Ralson Caoc

Zumba with Mayu Nomura

For more details go to our StreeXB Studio Classes section

Club F.U.C.I. TV

STREEXB Studio was originally created to be the shooting location for CLUB FUCI .TV, CLUB FUCI is currently shown on SHAW, NOVUS Cable platforms and Youtube . CLUB FUCI's mission is to encourage diversity, self esteem and social awareness through the arts and entertainment. We feature local and independent talents of dance, art, film, music and features that enlighten and encourages youth and youth of heart to uplift communities and the people around them. CLUB FUCI is shoot the 1st Sunday of every month from 12- 3 before a live audience. If you would like to be apart of the show as a performer or have something to say contact us at

Club F.U.C.I.

Club F.U.C.I.

Fun. Unique. Creative. Individual.

Reminiscent of Soul Train & American Bandstand, Club F.U.C.I. is a television show will provide artists from Vancouver and beyond a platform to showcase their talents and help expand consumer’s awareness to all that participate in the show. It will also create vast opportunities for young, young-at-heart performers and others within the entertainment industry to have fun and be discovered.

Club F.U.C.I. airs on SHAW Channel 4, Novus TV, and Club F.U.C.I.'s Youtube page.

Visit Club F.U.C.I.